Verified customers for growing digital businesses. Reduce fraud, chargebacks, spam


Your fraud, spam, scams and chargeback problems solved

Chargebacks and revenue loss

Costs from fraud and chargebacks can destroy your business. Being too conservative drives customers away.

Increased red tape and penalties

Increasing privacy requirements, ever-changing regulations and record-keeping is painful.

Constant Attacks

Increasingly sophisticated attacks are relentless and time-consuming.

Manual processes

Manual and inefficient processes increase errors, harm your reputation, introduce bias and slow growth.

How Raytio’s digital trust solution works

1. You set the rules

You define the information you need, what needs to be verified, and scoring criteria.

2. Customer receives a link

You send your customer a link via email or SMS. Alternatively embed in your website, or a QR code.

3. Customer provides information

Your client completes the customized verification process via desktop, mobile, tablet or kiosk.

4. A score is calculated

Raytio analyzes, verifies and scores the details according to your criteria.

5. You review risky clients

Risky clients or failed checks are flagged for your review. Users that meet your criteria are automatically accepted.

6. Rate each other

You and your customer provide a trust score for each other.

"We were looking for the best solution to facilitate a fully contactless and remotely managed check-in experience, while minimising the possibility of fraud, which is harder to police without an on-site presence.” - Urban Rest