Digital bank account verification and confirmation of payee. Reduce fraud, increase customer satisfaction.

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Raytio reduces payment fraud

Out of date processes

Current processes for making bank account transfers are out of date and subject to human error.

Fraud is increasing

Both the incidence and sophistication of fraud is increasing.

Customer dissatisfaction

Customers expect both convenience and security. Existing bank transfer methods are neither.

Regulation is coming

Regulators are demanding urgent action which requires industry-wide co-operation and threatens competitive advantage.

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Confirmation of Payee Benefits

Reduce fraud

Mitigate the risk of authorised push pay ("APP") fraud. Lead the way in fraud prevention.

Avoid regulation

Minimise the risk of intervention as regulators increase their focus on escalating fraud. Reduce reputational risk.

Improve security

Enable secure bank account details sharing without revealing private bank details to any third party (including Raytio).

Rapid go-to-market

Simple integration requires minimal development and enables rapid implementation.

Better customer outcomes

Offer additional convenience features such as pay by phone number or email to enhance customer satisfaction.

Work together

Enhance cross-industry co-operation whilst maintaining competitive advantage.

How Raytio confirmation of payee works

1. Payee setup

Payer begins setting up a new payee on their bank's website or app by entering account details.

2. Check details

Obscured bank details are sent to Raytio for checking.

3. Raytio verifies

Raytio returns a result indicating whether the details match or not.

How Raytio verified deposit slip works

1. Bank deposit slip

Payee produces bank details accompanied by a QR code using their banking app or website.

2. Payee sends

Payee sends payer the bank deposit slip by email or chat.

3. Payer confirms

Payer confirms that the details are correct by scanning the QR code.

How Raytio bank account lookup works

1. Payee setup

Payer begins setting up a new payee on their bank's website or app by entering the payer's email address or phone number.

2. Find matching bank

The contact details are sent to Raytio which searches for a match.

3. Request sent to owning bank

Raytio sends the request to the bank that is associated with the contact details together with the public key of the requestor.

4. Owning bank replies

The owning bank returns the account details (name and number) encrypted using the public key of the requestor.

5. Raytio forwards the response

Raytio forwards the response to the requestor. Note that Raytio cannot read the contents of the response.

6. Requestor decrypts

The requestor decrypts the response using their private key and populates the bank account details for the payer.

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Account verification and lookup features

Simple and fast

Verify bank account details quickly and easily

Privacy assured

No private information ever leaves the bank


Simple and highly performant RESTful API for bank account detail verification

Secure and robust

Uses NIST-compliant memory-hard and compute-hard hashing

Always available

Built on AWS to provide a highly available and scalable service

Rotate hashes

Enables regular rotation of hashes to enhance security

Optional delegation

Raytio can perform all hashing for the simplest possible integration

Batteries included

Includes SDKs and tools to generate, validate and transmit hashes