Automated guest screening and check-in for property managers. Reduce chargebacks, damage and fraud.

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Raytio solves guest check-in problems

Too much guesswork

Bad guests can mean parties, damage, noise complaints, liability issues and criminal activity.

Increased compliance and penalties

Increasing privacy requirements, ever-changing regulations and keeping auditable records are painful.

Chargebacks and revenue loss

Costs from fraud and chargebacks can destroy your business. Being too conservative reduces occupancy.

Manual guest screening

Manual and inefficient guest screening means more errors, harms your reputation, introduces bias and slows growth.

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Digital Fraud Protection for Property Managers

Automated guest screening

Our dynamic, configurable process reduces guest friction and your time-to-approval. Auto-generated scores require manual review only by exception.

Complete check-in experience

We’ve got identity, address, email, phone and social profile verification covered. Authorize a credit card, obtain consents and agreements and gather guest information.

Increased revenue opportunities

Maximize the visibility of your listings, increasing bookings and rates. Raytio’s verification process enables you to remove booking restrictions from your OTAs.

Leverage our scale

Raytio’s unique aggregated trust rating ranks thousands of reservations using the wisdom of the crowd to give you a heads up on bad actors.

Chargeback protection

Our fraud detection system catches fake profiles, bad IPs, risky emails and more. Prevent damage, parties, chargebacks and reduce legal and compliance costs.

Better guest experience

A guest’s profile can be re-used for one-click check-in encouraging easy repeat bookings.

"We were looking for the best solution to facilitate a fully contactless and remotely managed check-in experience, while minimising the possibility of fraud, which is harder to police without an on-site presence.” - Urban Rest

How Raytio online guest check-in works

1. Guest booking

Your guest makes a booking via your website or OTA like, AirBNB or VRBO.

2. Booking is sent to Raytio

The booking is automatically sent to Raytio via your property management system (PMS) or channel manager.

3. Guest completes check-in

Your guest completes online check-in via desktop, mobile, tablet or kiosk.

4. Raytio verifies

Raytio analyzes, verifies and scores the booking according to your criteria. Approved guests receive check-in instructions.

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Online check-in features

Automated Screening

Guest screening for short-term rental guests


Integrated digital check-in for short-term rental guests

Agreements and E-sign

Digital contracts for short-term rental guests

Check-in portal

Online check-in for short-term rental guests

Security Deposits

Security Deposits for short-term rental guests

Chargeback Protection

Fraud and chargeback protection for short-term rental guests

ID verification

ID verification for short-term rental guests

Business Rules

Customized business rules for online check-in